Know Your Stuff!… A Solution For Your Home Inventory

While a policyholder may have peace of mind that they’ll be protected in the event of a loss, nothing can be more stressful than trying to remember everything that one owned after a catastrophic loss.  The majority of people fail to maintain any record of their personal belongings.  Some do have lists, photos, and even videos.  But even these seemingly fool proof strategies can prove null and void if the appropriate steps aren’t taken.   Here are some questions you may need to ask yourself about your Home Inventory:

-Would I be able to recall everything I owned in the event of a total loss?

-Where am I storing my Home Inventory? If it’s stored on your computer or a jump drive, are they backed up somewhere else?

-When is the last time I updated my Home Inventory?

If you’re struggling with answers to these questions, you’re not alone. 

The Insurance Information Institute has a solution for you.  It’s called the “Know Your Stuff Home Inventory”

This site offers:

–          Sample Lists to help get you started an recollect items that are important to you

–          Room by Room Set Up Wizard

–          Real Time printable/downloadable reports for when you do have a claim

–          Free online storage up to 1GB for photos and PDF files of receipts and appraisals

–          Ability to update your inventory surely and easily at any time

–          A safe place to keep your inventory outside of your home

–          Even a mobile App (III Inventory)

Go to their site and start your free Home Inventory today!

November 16th, 2012 by Wyatt Insurance Services