Camping & Outdoor Safety Tips…

More and more families are enjoying the pleasures of camping and outdoor life. Some advance planning will make camping trips more enjoyable and safer. Look for a campsite that is well drained, with a good combination of sun and shade. Check the area for hazards, and instruct your children about things to avoid, such as poisonous plants, wild animals and moving vehicles.

Here a few more safety tips to help you enjoy your time in the outdoors:

• Wear shoes, sandals or moccasins at your campsite; glass, cans, sharp rocks and hot embers can hurt bare feet

• If you bring perishable food, use a portable ice chest to keep it from spoiling

• Keep the site clean. Dispose of cans, bottles and garbage safely in a campground trash can or appropriate receptacle

• Obey signs and warnings concerning wildlife. If raccoons, skunks porcupines or other small animals come to your campsite, scare them away with a flashlight or a loud noise. IMPORTANT: Don’t keep food in your tent where it can be smelled by the animals — store it away from the campsite

• Never leave a fire unattended. When finished with it, spread the burned pieces, soak them thoroughly with water, and then cover them with sand.

Source: Safety Sense Enterprises, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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November 16th, 2012 by Wyatt Insurance Services