Secure, No Matter What

Home. The word itself is solid, warm and comforting. But what if all that were swept away in a single moment? Could you rebuild, start again, make it what it was before?
Many Americans’ homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of replacing their home in case of total destruction. In fact, most Americans are underinsured by 38 percent (source: Marshall & Swift/Boeckh). That means that if your home cost $200,000, to rebuild, you could be out of pocket up to $76,000.
Things get even trickier when you take into account the rapidly rising cost of labor and building materials. Maybe it cost $200,000 to build your home 10 years ago, but today it could cost significantly more.
Let us take the worry out of your home insurance purchase. We’ll make sure you’ll be able to replace your home 100 percent.
Is your home covered 100 percent? If you’re not sure, it’s time to find out. Call us at Wyatt Insurance today, and let’s talk about your family’s needs, and how we can make your home secure, no matter what happens.
May 8th, 2012 by Wyatt Insurance Services